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This is a E6 campaign.

Character Creation

Also there is a lot of background information

Note bonus XP will be given out individually (RP/playing class/making game fun) on top of general rewards from playing.

Here is a players guide with the background as a PDF

Here is the offical Wiki of the Players Guide

Note that as per the rules above, guns are available under the rules here
Remembering that you cannot get advanced guns and the cost is 25% of that listed.

Please again note the bonus for doing backgrounds and getting other players to add to yours, so the best idea is to get your characters idea together, write your background and start to pass it around so you can then finish the details.

There are pages for each character in the forums section allowing a first post of the original person, then each person can post their addition thereafter.

Please feel free to add responses/additions to the adventure log (espically if you have time passing where you want to do something extra outside of play time). XP will be rewarded for posts.

Main Page

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