Character Creation

Character Creation is the following.
If you are using an LA+0 race one column of 4d6 or if you want to use an LA+1 race you can enter at level 1 but you only roll one column of 3d6.

I am encouraging people to write in a background:
Any writing will let you pick a theme and its assoicated feat (see players guide).

If you write over half a page pick one reward from below as well.

When finished backgrounds hand background you can ask other players to write an addition. They then write at least one paragraph of your character and their character interacting/doing something/journeying etc. You may veto what other players write on your sheet. For each approved set of writing you place on someone elses sheet you may pick one a reward from below. So you get the bonus for getting asked to write more onto others characters. You may get this bonus twice (for two different characters), meaning you can get a total of three picks from below.

You may pick any reward more than once:

  • +2 to one stat (to the normal maximum of 18 + racial modifier)
  • +1 Feat (There is a feat for 5 skill points if you want skills)
  • +500 XP (Buy this twice and you start at level 2)
  • 1000GP (Cash / items / magical gear within the E6 limits)

Character Creation

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