A Troubled Time

Where it starts.

Week 1

It all started in the RHC headquarters. Assistant Chief Inspector Delft summoned a small squad together of Ulfagar, Ellathann, Ashmir and Cael. He mentioned about the upcoming launching of the RNS Coaltongue in a months time. The newest ship in the fleet that is pure stream driven with no sails.

The party were told they were being formed into a team to provide security for the event of the launch. A large crowd was expected to be there and they wanted a violence and protest free celebration for when the King launched the new ship. The King would have his own bodyguard along with the other nobles, this was for the crowd and also to make sure that nothing else delayed the launching of the ship.

Ellathann suggested visiting the dockers who worked on the the ship and when visiting a bar there found there were some there who were complaining of the sixteen hour work days and were moving to form a guild or union as they now considered themselves craftsmen in shipbuilding not mere labour. Also they found there was going to be a meeting in two weeks time and they heard of the name ‘Thames’ an ex-harbour ferry captain related to the movement. A near brawl was also prevented by being talked down from a group of drunk dockers some of who were for the forming of the guild, and some against it.

Continuing to a Guard/Watch frequented tavern Ulfagar discovered that some of the guards looked at suspicion towards the ship designer Massarde, a tiefling from Danor.

Thinking to check the records back at the RHC headquarters the party was greeted by Guyl, a messanger lad that works for the RHC. He passed on that a seer had a vision about an imminent attack and that was related to the the known fey terrorist Gale. Delft had gone to the Watch head quarters in the Nettles and any available RHC squads

Mounting up the party sped to meet Delft again who said he had sent up ahead a squad of 10 Watch with their Sergeant. Following into a small delve nestled into the Nettles three Watch corpses were found where upon a pair of shadowy undead attacked. Although they were resistant to mundane weapons, light and holy power from Ashmir brought the foes down. They found the house occupants all slain. A small trek further found the rest of the missing patrol who had fled and with the RHC protection they gathered their dead and returned to the Watchstation.


The whitewashed walls of the infirmary glared in the morning sunlight and Ellathann groaned as he eased himself back against his pillows. The ice burns from the shadows’ touch had almost completely healed, but his limbs still trembled with weakness from their assault. Even so, he had to admit that the speed of his recovery was mostly due to the ministrations of Ashmir the cleric.
Thann cast his mind back over the previous day. The groups investigations had started well, with general agreement to seek information into the Dockers union activities. They had uncovered some leads and were looking for further information when the call had come to assist with the capture of the fey Terrorist Gale. The party set off to link up with a squad of militia, but had found three of them dead and the others missing. Thanns elven sight had discovered the ambush before it could be sprung, possibly saving the party from greater damage as the undead shadows had detached themselves from the darkened spaces between the buildings and launched their assault.
The shadows moved forward with blinding speed and were upon the party in an instant. This was the first real test of the group as they had never relied upon one another in combat before. Thann had to admit the group worked well together. As he had leapt forward trying to pierce one with his rapier, the archer Cael sent an arrow through the head of the other, however the arrow seemed to pass through without causing any damage to the creature. Ashmir was struck by one of the shadows, however his innate strength seemed to dissipate the unholy attack. In return he tried to fill one with holy energy, but was unable to lay a hand on it as the shadow wavered and weaved in the flickering torchlight.
Ulfagar had moved forward and engaged one, confident in the strength of his arm and the protection of his mighty armour. His sword slashed through the body of the creature he faced, also exiting without damage. The shadows seemed able to bypass the safety afforded by his armour, however luck and his combat experience saved him from harm.
Cael realised that light or magic might be the bane of undead shadow creatures, and thrust his everburning torch into the head of one. It burst into flame and tried to flee the combat, only to be consumed completely. Seeing this action, Thann ran past Cael, grabbing the torch from his outstretched arm, and launched himself at the remaining shadow. However, it was a clumsy and unfamiliar weapon, and he was unable to connect. The shadow struck him twice in return, freezing Thann and causing his body to slow with weakness. In a last ditch effort, he had hammered the magical torch into the shadow and it was consumed.
The rest of the night had seemed a nightmare to Thann as he was both in pain and weakened from the shadows icy attacks. They had found more militia corpses, and finally a handful of survivors, before trekking back through the Nettles to the RHC office.
Thann was pleased with the way the party worked together. Ulfagar was a heavily armoured powerhouse who showed no fear and Cael not only demonstrated skill with the bow, but unlike some archers, a willingness to enter melee. The Reborns healing was a boon, and the communication with his god and his otherworldly abilities should prove further benefit. Thann himself felt that he needed to improve his striking. He had heard of swordsmen who utilised speed and grace rather than strength in a fight, and Thanns own agility far exceeded that of most other people. This would be a training priority in the future he decided.

Where it starts.

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